ètico is to support
local producers

Local is a universal concept for Ètico. “Local producers” cannot be attributed to a precise area, mapped through the use of pre-existing borders. Local Ètico producers are everywhere.

We redefine "local" as any activity that tends to the good of communities, culture, soil and air. Local is a value to be conquered and not inherited. Local is global.

ètico is the meeting between digital and analogue, online and offline.

The digital component is fundamental to our project and we firmly believe that technology plays a fundamental role in promoting a quality information and education process.

Thanks to the collaboration with Tally we create dedicated websites, where we talk about the products. Thanks to this approach, we are able to provide details, stories and additional information about our products in a practical and immediate way, directly from your smartphone.

ètico is storytelling

The aim of ètico is to tell the story of artisanal realities characterized by quality, identity, sustainability and biodiversity. We tell stories of people, projects and life philosophies that aim to create a positive impact on the territory.

ètico is meeting

At the center of the ètico project is the meeting understood in a broad way: meeting with the supply chains, with the environment, with people and with ourselves. At ètico, every interaction is a starting point for information and reflection in a participatory meeting.

ètico is a concept store

We have created a unique space where the human and the digital merge. Our concept store offers sustainable clothing, organic, fair trade products, books, natural cosmetics and ecological detergents, all chosen with attention to ethical criteria and sustainability.